The Passport Project Joins Us on Sept 9th

17 Jul
Passport Project was founded in 1998 by Chloë Hopson in the beautiful city of Cleveland, Ohio. It now has a place to call home at the Global Community Arts Center located at 12801 Buckeye Road.
Passport Project‘s mission is to provide exciting education experiences that build community through the arts, encourage respect for diversity and rejection of racism and negative bias, and a passion for learning and the global community.
Passport Project encourages respect for diversity and rejection of racism and bias, through educational programming and performances of dance, music, poetry and drama of various cultures. Passport Project is a non-profit, literacy-based arts education company in which the participants “travel” the world via the arts—studying music, dance, visual art and drama.
Passport Project designs residencies, lecture/demonstrations, interactive performances and concerts that celebrate diversity and the arts, encouraging a focus on literacy. Passport Project strives to have diverse presenters—in gender, ethnicity, and age. Facilitators from Passport Project lead small and large-group discussions on bias and racism, with the goal of better self-understanding, tolerance of differences, and world peace.
Passport Project is a 501(c)(3), multicultural, literacy-based, arts education company that reaches children, adults and the community in general through residencies, performances, workshops, and electronic and print media. Passport Project was founded in 1998, and since then has served thousands of children and adults in various settings.

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