Antaeus Dance at the Arts Fest

18 Jul

Antaeus Dance is a professional modern dance company based in Cleveland, OH.  Founding Director Joan Meggitt launched the Company in 2001 with an ambitious tour of Estonia, where the company gave public performances across the country and held master residencies in dance, improvisation and composition at several universities.  The tour was immediately followed by a world-premiere evening-length performance in Cleveland.  The evening-length format has become a signature of Antaeus Dance, which has premiered five such danceworks – each one with an original score commissioned from award-winning local composers, compelling set designs custom built by well-known regional artists and, most recently, evocative films by Cleveland film makers.  The Company has brought the work of more than 50 choreographers, dance artists, composers, visual artists and film makers to stages in Cleveland and beyond.

Antaeus Dance’s work is transformative, reaching beyond the traditional repertory concert to fulfill a larger vision, exploring the intersection of individual experience and collective expression.  The choreography combines physical stamina, self-disciplined quiet and stillness, and a deep awareness of the interplay between strength and vulnerability.  The Company’s striking performances challenge audiences to examine the world around them and their relationship to it.  Antaeus Dance boasts an impressive repertory of original danceworks by Director Joan Meggitt, and a distinctive collection of premiere dances by the Artistic Staff.  The Company teaches and rehearses in Cleveland’s historic Tremont neighborhood in Pilgrim Congregational Church.  Antaeus Dance is also in residence at Allegheny College, where they hold the annual Allegheny Summer Dance Intensive as well as an annual fall residency

Antaeus Dance takes its name from the mythological figure, Antaeus, a giant and athlete who gained strength through contact with the earth.  If thrown to the ground, this offspring of Mother Earth could bounce back with renewed strength and vigor.  This sense of connection to the earth, of groundedness and weight, is a hallmark of Artistic Director Joan Meggitt’s work.  The Company as a testament to human potential and strength.


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