NEW this year! The Art Fun House!

30 Aug

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What’s new this year?  How about the “Art Fun House”.  The Berea Arts Fest is creating an instillation work of art for visitors to explore.  The Gazebo in Coe lake will become the Art Fun House.  Leading up to the Gazebo will be warped mirrors that distort visitor’s reflections. A caricature artist will draw a laughable picture of you and your friends while you await what’s inside the Gazebo. And inside the gazebo will be an exciting photo booth!  The photo booth will have fun backdrops, props and hats to wear, and will give visitors 2 sets of 4 photos to take home for FREE! If that wasn’t enough guests of the art fun house will be asked to participate in a chewed gumball painting.  Think of it as a large coloring book page filled with chewed bubble gum!  Yuck?  No… AWESOME!

The Art Fun House sign was designed and built by one of Cleveland’s most influential artists, Dana Depew .

More about Dana Depew –

Visiting Dana Depew’s labyrinthine basement-studio is a lot like wandering through an old thrift store. Hundreds of paintings, sculptures and found objects are piled high everywhere you look. Some are finished. Others stand like bits of memorabilia in a museum with no discernible theme.

One of nine children who grew up on a farm in Medina, Ohio, Depew isn’t exactly a pack rat. His mother was an antiques dealer and left her vast collection to him. He’s been tinkering with it ever since.

But even before that, Depew was the kind of artist who was inspired by objects of all kinds, and accordingly, he made work in a wide range of styles. Though he studied sculpture at Kent State University, he often makes paintings.


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