Win This Original Woodcut/Mono Print by Lisa Schonberg

13 May

Win this piece, an original hand pulled woodcut and monoprint, by Lisa Schonberg at our What’s Cooking Garden Party and Food Fest on June 14th. To purchase tickets to the event, please click here.

Lisa Schonberg - Woodcut and Mono Print entitled "Tree Sounds"

Lisa Schonberg – Woodcut and Mono Print entitled “Tree Sounds”

 Description:  The natural environment has been an influence on my work for many years.  I look for unusual patterns, forms, textures and natural subject matter as inspiration and try to pay homage to our natural world through my art.

What we actually see in nature at a moments glance and what we perceive when we really study nature are two different things.  In this print I was interested in the intrusions that occur in nature, specifically in the woods and in tree branches.  At first glance the overall view of the woods are that the trees are full of pattern and organization.  Yet when studying things further, we see details such as nests, mosses, broken branches, and even organisms such as mistletoe living symbiotically in the tree branches. These things shift our conception of the whole and heighten visual excitement if we take the time to look closely.

In keeping with this conceptual shift, I have invented my own “intrusions” by incorporating imaginary letter-like forms inspired by ancient writing styles, which intertwine with the tree branches.  The overall effect is meant to symbolize the “sounds” or conceptual noise that might occur as we take a closer look and contemplate the history and complexities of what is really out there. – Schonberg

Lisa can also be contacted through Zygote Press where she is a resident artist;


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