Win This Original Piece by R!ch Cihlar

5 Jun

Win  this original mixed media piece by R!ch Cihlar at our What’s Cooking Garden Party and Food Fest on June 14th. To purchase tickets to the event, please click here.

R!ch Cihlar - Original Mixed Media "Eat, Drink, and be Merry"

R!ch Cihlar – Original Mixed Media “Eat, Drink, and be Merry”

To see more of R!ch’s work please click here.

My name is R!ch, yes with an “!”. I love creating art and the process of making it. I don’t want to be deemed just a “mixed media” artist, but that’s where most of my interest and passion radiates. Although you’ll see me work in just about any material (ceramics, painting, printmaking, etc…) I guess if you had to label me under a type of art, it would be mixed media and found objects.
I like working backwards with a piece, or starting with an object that has already had a former life. When I say working backwards, it usually refers to a set size. I sometimes have frames and I work from the size of the frame and format it to my work to save on costs. As for found objects, I pick up “garbage” all the time. I think most items, if thought out, can successfully be reused in art or design. Sometimes the object suggests a layout, color pattern, or concept and I just run with it. Sometimes the meaning of the piece doesn’t hit me until I finish it and review it as a whole.
Inspiration is everywhere. People inspire me, mostly my friends, family, and my Cleveland surroundings. Architecture, fashion, and home décor also top my lists for finding inspiration. My influences are vast including but not limited to: pop, surreal, traditional, contemporary, and abstract. If you can put “art” after the word, I probably like it. Although I appreciate all forms of art, I only really focus on creating contemporary and pop art.


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