Featured Artist – Gail Lundgren

22 Aug

75 Lundgren Gail 6

75 Lundgren Gail 5‘Porcelain has a celestial purity that enraptures the observer.’ – Gail Lundgren Artist, Gail Lundgren has been a student of ceramics for four years. Experimenting with several clay bodies, with slip trailing, with design carving, and with light value, she has made porcelain her medium of choice. She wheel throws porcelain and alters lantern shapes with city scenes, floral patterns and Christian themes. She often finds her inspiration in nature, architecture and biblical stories. Gail also slip casts porcelain, carves patterns to emit light and hangs the artwork. Each piece is delicately and skillfully carved, then fired at over 2200 degrees – making it stronger than glass. She polishes each unglazed work then lights or hangs the finished composition to display the light and movement of the piece. Gail has studied under John Balisteri at BGSU and the Funke Fired Arts teaching staff. She is influenced by Jennifer McCurdy’s unglazed spiral sculptures and is particularly fond of the movement of the light Jennifer creates with a simple knife. To care for this porcelain, treat it as you would fine glassware.

75 Lundgren Gail 4

75 Lundgren Gail 3

75 Lundgren Gail 2

75 Lundgren Gail 1


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