Featured Artist – Anne Harrill

27 Aug

30 Harrill Anne 2

30 Harrill Anne 1Anne Harrill is behind Océanne, a small craft business based in Cleveland, OH.
In my collections you’ll see organic shapes and the use of new and vintage materials, dead stock finds and techniques such as hand forging, hand stamping and patinas.
When creating jewelry, I love finding unique items to create personalized designs using a hammer, file, and torch or assembling vintage or whimsical materials. I use brass, copper, recycled metals as well as sterling and 16K gold. I love to accelerate the aging process of metal by applying patina to metals.
Because of the nature of the vintage materials used, small variances of color or marks may be found in your piece.
I spend most of my days being a wife, mother,  jewelry designer, roommate, wanna-be chef, daughter, sister, house cleaner, and lover. I have a wonderful husband named Doc, two beautiful children Mathéo and Sélah, a French accent, a vintage leather couch that I love, a best friend of 30 years, and a mild decoration magazine addiction. I absolutely love hosting dinner parties at my house!
I grew up in the south of France. My mom was born of two Italian immigrants. My Italian side of the family influenced me strongly on many levels, but the main one is cooking. I grew up picking olives every year before Christmas, and making our own olive oil for the year, picking mushrooms, growing a garden, and making our own jellies. I love to cook seasonal, healthy and simple food.
I moved to Cleveland in 2002 to get married. Leaving France was a huge adjustment, but I have learned how to love it and have met wonderful life-long friends. I’m really fortunate to be surrounded by exceedingly skilled and talented friends who are musicians and DJ’s, graphic artists, designers, writers and indie enthusiasts. This is remarkably inspirational to me. Without them, I wouldn’t be doing the things I’m doing now as an artist, and I wouldn’t be able to stay as positive and motivated to continue trying.30 Harrill Anne 4

30 Harrill Anne 3


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