Featured Artist: Diane Marksz-Wright

28 Jul

36 Marksz- Wright, Diane 3

36 Marksz-Wright, Diane 1

36 Marksz-Wright, Diane 2

36 Marksz-Wright, Diane 4Diane Marksz-Wright: I like the idea of craftsmanship that has been a part of every culture. Jewelry as personal adornment is as old as mankind. As with all things, I draw from the past but work very much in the present offering you an elegant, fun contemporary look… a BIG bold look… jewelry that is appropriate for casual as well as more formal wear.

My work satisfies a needed realization of expression, a commitment and unstoppable desire to be involved in jewelry as art and as a career. It is an essential part of who I am.

I attended Chaminade College of Honolulu where, although my major was Mathematics, my artistic interests went from drawing…. to clay…. and finally to metals. I have tried to keep my work fresh by attending concentrated metals/jewelry workshops adding new techniques to my “design bag”.

I am a member of Florida Craftsmen, Ohio Designer Craftsmen and TACA.

Participating in Fine Art Shows across the country keeps me busy. I love the direct contact and feedback for my work. Additionally, winning awards at distinguished shows adds to the fun! Be sure to check out the Art Show Schedule to see when I’ll be at a show in your area.


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