Featured Artist: Karen Kress/Valkyries Adornments

6 Aug

55 Kress, Karen 1

55 Kress, Karen 2

55 Kress, Karen 3

55 Kress, Karen 4

55 Kress, Karen boothKaren Kress: I am a self-taught jewelry designer… Graphic designer by day, jewelry artist by night, I enjoy creating artisan jewelry with silver, copper, beach stones, seeds, pearls, glass and vintage finds…

My heritage is Scandinavian, so I became very interested in viking knit, or trichopoly. I create single, double and triple viking knit using fine silver, filled gold and permanently colored silver plated copper in a multitude of colors. The pieces are finished with silver or gold-filled findings and bails from which beautiful pendants and beads are hung or simply plain or filled with floating glass beads and pearls… I love showing people how to create viking knit, and plan on teaching classes in the near future.

I live in a rural area of Ohio in a log home with my husband and two Australian cattle dogs…

Valkyrie’s Adornments…a little bling for that warrior maiden in all of us.

Viking knit, or Trichinopoly, one of the oldest known forms of knitting, “Viking knitting” is not actually knitting in the traditional sense with needles, but is actually a type of weaving. Chains are made from long pieces of wire that are worked by hand into interconnecting loops. The chain is created around different sized dowel rods, and is then pulled through holes in a wooden drawplate to tighten the weave and make the chain pliable. Vikings used the knitted chains for jewelry, garment adornments and also cutting off sections for currency.


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