Featured Artist: Angela Oster

7 Aug

27 Oster, Angela 1

27 Oster, Angela 2

27 Oster, Angela 3

27 Oster, Angela 4Angela Oster: My work explores imagery of extreme youth and vulnerability; harmlessness, abandonment and need.

I’m drawn to things that are funny and sad at the same time, because I think that’s what life is all about. That moment where those things meet – really funny and really sad at the same time – that’s the truth.

Feel free to contact me for commissions, or just to say “hi”.

Here’s more about me, but said by somebody else:

“Her playful lines and tragicomic imagery explores the junctures between life’s joys and sorrows.”
– Cincinnati City Beat, June 2012

“At one level, Angela’s watercolor paintings might be described as “whimsical”, even cartoon-like, but upon closer examination they capture our imagination and connect emotionally with each of us. There is a wonderfully benign pathos in the subtle expressions of her characters; her drawings are “open” and accessible – ultimately, transcendent.”
– Still Point Gallery, Cleveland Ohio


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