Featured Artist – Kristin Ellis

31 Aug

39 Ellis, Kristin 1 39 Ellis, Kristin 2 39 Ellis, Kristin 3 39 Ellis, Kristin 4Kristin Ellis – As far back as I can remember, I have had a great love for jewelry. I began studying jewelry making in high school art classes and continued with art and metalsmithing in college.

Living in San Antonio, Texas, I found inspiration in the silversmithing style of the American West. I learned how to design, cut and polish gemstones, starting with obsidian, turquoise and agate. I now enjoy working with many different gem materials, but agates are still my favorites. They always have a surprise inside as I cut away the rough exterior to reveal their hidden beauty.

Being a cash-strapped college student, I began reclaiming metals from found objects – silverware, bowls, scrap metal of various sorts. Early on, I milled or melted down all the metals, so their origins were never seen. Now, some of my work shows the original forms of the objects, like my spoon rings. They give a sense of history to the jewelry, and some of these pieces become family heirlooms. Some are made from heirlooms.

In the mid-90’s, I added enameling to my repertoire of jewelry techniques. Fusing vivid glass colors in thin layers onto pure copper and pure silver was a fascinating experience. Now that I have the pleasure of teaching copper enameling at the Cultural Arts Center, I am working a bit larger. I’m making bowls and trays in addition to my jewelry work. It has been fun to push my limits. I love learning new ways to make art.

I now live North of Columbus, Ohio, and you can find my work displayed at Hayley Gallery in New Albany, Ursus Art Space in Upper Arlington, and Authenticity Gallery in Austin, Texas.


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