Featured Artist – Shari Escott

15 Jul

73 Escott, Shari 1

Shari Escott – Step back to the year 1999. Yes it was exciting that Barbie turned 40, Toy Story 2 was released and once again, Pluto became the outermost planet. Even more monumental was the inception of a relationship between two girls that shared a common interest — crafting. At that time, that’s what we called it. Shari Escott and Cathy Strauss, two moms from Chagrin Falls and Twinsburg, Ohio, would feed their creative juices with anything that would involve a glue gun. Cut to 2013 and not much has changed. Except, of course, for websites like Pinterest, Etsy and others that have fueled the fire to craft.

It all started with an owl. One fall day through cyberspace an image appeared from my long-time friend/artist, Shari, of the most adorable owl. The words below it read “I made this!” Within 15 minutes the owl was sold. Many more images were to follow. All of which are equally as charming. My interest was sparked as well and Paper Cutz was born.

It’s new, it’s old, it’s new again. In order to produce these one-of-a-kind
images, there is a great deal of hunting for that perfectly seasoned book
or magazine. Do the edges have the right hue of, old? The pursuit for the
perfect medium is equally as fun as creating it. All of our pieces are made out of peace and love and the tranquility each one brings us while we get lost in ourselves while making them.

We hope they bring a smile to your face and the perfect wall to be placed upon.


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