Performing Artists – Untie the Knots

11 Aug

“Untie The Knots” debuted at SPACES this year as a quartet, and will be on stage at the Berea Arts Fest, Sept 11th 2016.  Today you will witness an octet of musicians improvising on-the-spot without any prior instruction or rehearsal.  Though all of the musicians have collaborated with one or more others in the group sometime in the past, not one has performed all together…, and some have not even met before.  Though the creative process may get “knotted” at times, listen as this body of artists “Untie The Knots”.

This quartet of multi-instrumentalists will be using guitar, percussion, melodicas, saxes, flute, bass, bansuri, accordion, recorder, udu, and other various noisemakers to perform a set of improvised music. Untie the Knots features:

CHRISTIE ANDERSON (Kent) is a versatile multi-instrumentalist musician active in the Kent area’s sacred and secular communities. She performs with the Celtic Clan, Fallow Time Folk Orchestra, Peace Pipers recorder ensemble, Tone Chimers hand chime ensemble, and the BLK SKWRL AKKORDION CLUB.

BRAD BOLTON (Kent) has been performing with guitar and bass for the past 50 years in seminal rock, jazz, and blues bands. More recently he’s been a part of the 15pc all-star avant-chamber music ensemble Trepanning Trio, adding delightful, whimsical toys and homemade instruments to his arsenal of sound.

JOEL ELVERY (CLE) is an adult onset musician who plays mandolin and other small instruments with Trepanning Trio, and upright bass with the new free improvisation duo Your Feckless Squares with Todd Masuda.

TOM LEMPNER (CLE) plays various wind instruments and tinkers with percussive toys, with a focus on saxophones. Tom teaches at Baldwin-Wallace University Conservatory of Music and Cleveland State University and is a full-time Music Therapist working with troubled youth. He is also a member of Trepanning Trio.



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