Try not crying when you see what’s at the Berea Arts Fest…

7 Sep

baf babyThe Berea Arts Fest is a busy and colorful festival right in the heart of Berea. But the planners at the Arts Fest tell us that more often they see moments throughout this one day festival that brings them and their guests to tears. Here’s why:

Support for young artists. As you shop among more than 80 artist tents keep an eye out for new and emerging artist. For some this may be their first art show. Often our more experienced artists share tips and advice with the new artists, but buying art from emerging artists not only grows art in our community but sets a new artist on a successful career path. Talk to the new artist they’ll tell you how much your purchase means to them.

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See things you’ve never seen before. There’s plenty of performers at the Berea Arts Fest. You can see bands, dancers, sculptors and more but take a moment and turn around and look at the guests watching the performance. You see magic moments when a child sees ballet for the first time. You’ll see seniors dancing to favorite songs. And everywhere you’ll see the joy in people’s faces when they find that art that makes them happy. Enjoy your day at the Arts Fest.

Relax, let your creativity shine. The Berea Arts Fest celebrates the creative spirit in us all. We all live busy lives, but on Sunday you get to just enjoy the creative spirit we all have. Celebrate your love of the arts, meet artists, and connect with thousands of other art lovers like you. And when you’re done, you can take a piece of it home with you and continue to let art grow in your life till next year’s Arts Fest.

We’ll see you this Sunday at the Berea Arts Fest, Sunday Sept. 10. 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Rain or shine, always free always fun.

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