Featured Artist – Keith Allen

30 Aug

Keith Allen – I’m a professional designer, illustrator and paper engineer from Cleveland Ohio with over ten years professional experience in product design at the greeting card company, American Greetings.

I ventured into the self-publishing world four years ago with the launch of a successful pop-up book that I created with two very talented family members titled ‘A Day in Rehoboth Beach, A Pop-Up Book.’

I chose to self-publish again for ‘What a Mess’ because of the tremendous online support I received during its inception. Complex pop-up books can be quite expensive to produce because of the hand folding required for its construction. To help offset the high production cost required, we launched a successful Kickstarter campaign in early September and fully-funded “What a Mess! A Pop-Up Misadventure.”

Thank you so much so far for your overwhelming support. I could not have done it without you!

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Featured Artist – Brett Mason

29 Aug

Brett MasonI am a creator,thinker,father, and seeker of the unknown.  I draw,paint,doodle,humor,strum…I go where inspiration leads while trying to remain grounded to the positive and energizing. This has lead me meandering the beaches of California to the Outer banks of North Carolina selling works of art,on stage in New York’s east village singing songs, and by other means of energy, into the Boston Marathon. I try to set a good example and inspire everyone to do what they love.

I attended Clarion University as an art major with a concentration in oil painting. Following after was a period of pursuing other passions until I discovered watercolors years later. I started working on the spot which opened up a huge door for me in terms of inspiration and therefore productivity. I let my subconscious guide so much of what I do. So often I start something with enough vigor, that I barely get paint on my palette before work begins. The best things always seem to happen when there’s that kind of connection. When the focus is right I aim for something more detailed. Other times I let things happen on their own and try to stop at that sweet spot of almost desperate minimalism. I live in Pittsburgh with my wife, our three boys, and Buzz, our dog.  

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Volunteer with Us!

25 Aug

It’s never to late to have fun!  And that’s exactly what you’ll have volunteering for the Berea Arts Fest.  Grab a friend, bring a group, come solo; any way you have it, it’ll be a good time!  Email or call Lisa at  volunteer.baf@gmail.com or 440.891.1102 for more information.  2017-volunteer-sheet

Featured Artist – Esther D’Abate

22 Aug

Esther D’Abate – My sewing skills started with my mom and probably about the time of my Girl Scout badge, but I really can’t remember my first project.  There are a few projects that I do distinctly remember though!  The one piece swimsuit I had to make 3 times before I got it right.  That was when swimwear fabric first came out. The first try I got the stretch going the wrong way, the second one didn’t fit (too short), the third one I remember changed from the original yellow color to magenta and the pattern changed, but that’s about all I remember.

The second project that I specifically remember is the plaid bomber jacket with the sheep fur collar that I made in Home Ec and wore in the junior high fashion show.  Don’t ask me why I remember that project.  I’m sure it was so stylish.

I eventually moved on to quilting in high school and the early years of college.  My grandmother pieced quilt tops, then had someone quilt them.  Each grandchild got one when they graduated from high school. When I look at my first projects I see how far I and the industry has come.  The cardboard template I used for a maple leaf applique quilt. Not knowing the importance of using all cotton fabrics.  I made a quilt for my husband when we were dating and it is now the quilt I use in my quilt class that shows the things of “what not to do”.  He still treasures it, but it is half faded due to using some polyester blend and 100% cotton fabrics, then there is the bearding from the polyester batting and limited quilting.

My dad also did upholstery so I have some of those skills.  I have recovered small pieces of furniture, made cushions, draperies, pillows and not afraid to give it a try, but also know my limitations.  I recently came into possession of his industrial sewing machine, but still need to take the time to get comfortable with it.

I got away from garment sewing after being frustrated about patterns not fitting.  A few years ago I decided to make fitting a sewing goal for that year.  I took a tailoring class at a local fashion school, but was unhappy with the instructor and not learning what I wanted.  Then I found a GREAT mentor, teacher and friend, Megan at Stitch Cleveland. She taught me how to design my own patterns and how to fit garments before I make them.  I’m now happier with the garments I make and create.

Sewing is my passion and fabric is my addiction.  I am a fabri-holic and there is no 12 step program.  Thank god!

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Featured Artist – Matthew Richards

21 Aug

PictureMatthew Richards lived in Japan for 18 years, after graduating from Penn State. It was in Japan that art became more prominent in his life.  During his youth he was exposed to the arts through his grandfatherʼs pottery, his motherʼs graphic arts and his own eager interest.  In Japan he continued with pottery, studied Japanese calligraphy, began photography and woodworking as well as taiko (Japanese drumming).  All of these contributed to the development of his current artwork. It was serendipitous that during some free time at a show of his photography and pottery, while sketching, that his abstracts, “Ryu no Sakebi” were born.

“My interest in pottery came from years of watching my grandfather throw pots.  When I moved to Japan I had the good fortune of studying the craft with a Japanese master potter.  Pottery has become another form of fulfilling my need to express myself artistically.”

“Ryu no Sakebi abstracts are works of art I just recently created.  When I first started learning Japanese I was intrigued by the complexity of Japanese “Kanji” or characters.  As an artist and a student of Japanese I naturally became interested in “Shodo” (Japanese calligraphy) and studied under the tutelage of a variety of “sensei”.  These creations are not necessarily a “letter/character”.  They reflect what is in my mind, my spirit, my heart, when I set the brush down upon the paper.”

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Win this Wagon! Full of Art Supplies!!!

18 Aug


There’s no doubt anyone would love to have this wagon full of art supplies and creative outlets.  Below is a list off all the things we put in the wagon.  Raffle tickets will be available at the Raffle booth/tent at the Berea Arts fest, Sunday Sept. 10, 10a-5p.  Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.  Don’t miss out on this wagon and our donated art work at this years Raffle booth/tent.  The value of the wagon is still being tallied, but it worth hundreds, and hundreds of dollars! A special THANK YOU to Cathy for putting this wagon together!  She did a great job!

Art and Crafts Wagon, 2017

97 Piece Wooden Sketch Box Easel Set
12 tubes each of acrylic paint, oil paint, and water color paint
12 each of color pencils sketch pencils, oil pastels and soft pastels
1 each:  plastic palette, black line canvas, portable wooden easel, water color pad, drawing pad, pencil sharpener, eraser, color wheel
9 brushes
3 spatulas

Cutting devices
12″ paper trimmer and scorer
8 pairs of scissors, each with a different decorative edge

glue sticks, Darice permanent glue runners, glue dots, and texture dots; corded, cool glue gun

Scrapbooking materials:
large empty scrapbook; “‘Gameday’ Albums Made Easy Kit”; 1 Flip/Fold Out Photo Display “album”; 1 4×4 album Kit
Papers:  36 DIY Patterned Paper tablet; 5 packs of colored cardstock; 1 package (12 count) of white smooth A2 cards and envelopes
Stamping supplies: 3 sets of small, wooden stamps; 6 ink pads; 30 dual tip art markers

6 bottles of finger paints; 6 bottles of glitter paint

Sculpey products:
24 color sampler Premoi Sculpey Oven Bake Clay; 8 piece Sculpey Clay Tool Set

Origami Home Decor Kit
2 packages of buttons in assorted colors and sizes
3 packages (4 per package) of sidewalk chalk
1 box (24 Ct) of Crayola crayons
1 metallic Eyelet Starter Kit
6 packages of decorative twine
assorted sheets of stickers, sequins, rub-ons, etc.
5 piece Metallic Pumpkin Markers
Gently Used and New Book Titles
Aleene’s Big Book of Crafts
Art Fun
Coloring and Drawing
An Introduction to Mixed Media
Paper Magic

Martha Stewart Products
Tools:  heating tool, fringe cutter, pillow envelope gift box

Lever type:  Deep Edgetrim Nested Petal; Flourish Frame Layering Dual Punch;
Star Layering Dual Punch; Heart Garland Punch

“All Over the Page”: Aspen Flurry Snowflake Pattern; Heart; Cut and Fold Dahia

“Stamp & Punch Sets”: 
Circle Punch; Stamp sentiments:  “Love,” “On Your Special Day,” “Thanks,”

Flourish Punch; Stamp sentiments:  With Love,” “Hand Made With Love,”
“Warmest Wishes,” “Thank You”

Starter Sets:
Stamp Around the Page Floral Set
Learn With Martha Book Binding Kit

Featured Artist – Brigitte Matchett

17 Aug

Brigitte Matchette – I have been making jewelry since my teen years. It all started with a rock tumbler that did not work which lead me to learning how to cut and polish stones. The variety of colors and patterns found in stones encompasses the colors of the rainbow and the patterns range from snowflakes in obsidian to bold stripes in banded agate! I also like to use pearls, shell and coral from the sea! Later I experimented with soldiering copper, brass and sterling silver. I really enjoy creating and making filigree jewelry! The best part of making jewelry is learning new techniques and ways to create new items like hand made beads or a new style of earrings. Since I enjoy a challenge, feel free to contact me for custom work!

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