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Thank YOU! For Another Great Event!

28 Oct



Featured Artist – Jared Gepperth

12 Jul

Jared Gepperth – I have always had a drive and ambition to complete any task put in front of me. I find following direction very easy but can often find ways to alter projects for the better if given the wingspan. I dedicate to a task and finish without exception. Deadlines have always had a place in my world, both work and extracurricular related. I understand their importance and I also know the necessity of a successful production. I am very dedicated to my craft and honor all parts necessary to obtain my goals.

2016 Visual Artist Applications are Available

20 Jan

2016 Accepting Apps webbanner

The 2016 Berea Arts Fest applications are now available.   Applications are available here.


Painting by Jeff Suntala

Painting by Jeff Suntala