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BereArtDay Basket Winners!

23 May

Congratulations to our BereArtDay basket winners.  They are: Cara Arndt, Krystal Haase & Sandy Grizzel.  We thank you for another great Art Walk, and we look forward to seeing you at the Berea Arts Fest on Sunday, September 10th.  Here are the answers to the Downtown Berea quiz.  Let’s see how you did!

Downtown Berea Quiz/Answers

__5__  One of their specialties is named after the symbol that represents the City of Berea.  Grindstone Gold Beer

__1_   It takes two to benefit from their services.  Two eyes

__6_   This is where guys like George and Andrew hang out.

$1 and $20 bills

_10_   Many of their best customers will never walk in through the front door.  They’re too young to walk

__9__  Their food is more filling than some places. Filled crepes

__7__  You have to stop at the scale before you can eat! Yogurt sold by weight

__2_   A featured item can be found on magazine covers.

Supermodel Burrito

__4_   This stimulating business has a second location in Downtown Cleveland. Coffee is stimulating!

__12   In the past you would have paid two bits for this service.   Shave and a haircut, two bits!

__3_   Some people can find their best friend here. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

_11_   They recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary.

_13_   You could purchase an important item for your awards ceremony here. Red carpet

_16_   There’s a lot of tweeting going on but few cell phones in sight.  Cuckoo clocks

_15_   You may weigh less when you leave. You’ll have less hair!

_8__   This business is frequented by “wizards”.  Pinball

_14_   This business is associated with a type of fruit. Apple computers

_11_   A place where you can hone your “craft”.  Craft beer

_7__   Some of their “residents” wear tuxedos but formal wear is not required.  Penguins are part of their décor.


1. Alessio Eye MD
2. Boca Loca Burrito
3. Buchard’s Jewelers
4. Café-Ah-Roma
5. Cornerstone Brewing Company
6. Huntington Bank
7. Igloo’s Frozen Yogurt
8. Kidforce Collectibles
9. La Crepe Bakery & Café
10. Little Aquanauts
11. Mike’s Bar & Grille
12. Parkway Barber and Styling
13. Puchers Decorating Center
14. Quadstar
15. Salon Front & Center
16. Suburban Clock & Repair


Win this Wagon!!! Valued over $750!!! Art Supplies for the Whole Family!

3 Sep

wagon for arts fest
Stop by the Artist Raffle table on Sunday September 13th to win this wagon full of art supplies and more while celebrating our 25th Anniversary show! Below is a list of many of the items within the wagon. This wagon is for the whole family, from student grade supplies, to professional artist grade supplies and all the crafts kids love to do. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.

Basic Tools
1. Magnetic Tabletop Easel
2. Portable 12’ Combo Paper Trimmer
3. Cutting Mat 12×18
4. Mini Tool Kit – Scissors, St. Edge, Craft Knife, etc
5. Ottlite Lamp with magnifier
6. Crayons/Markers Drawing Pencils

Embossing/Stamping Basics
1. Darice Embossing Light Box
2. Big Embossing Pad/Clear Ink
3. 6 Assorted Embossing Powders
4. 9 Pigment Stamp Pads – Assorted Colors
5. Inkadinkado Stamping Gear Set
6. Stencils

Paper/Manipulation Tools
1. Sizzix
2. Fiskars Wavy Crimper
3. Newsprint
4. Card Stock
5. Origami Kit

1. Crayola Fabric Crayons
2. (2) Tie Dying Kits
3. T-Shirts
4. Stamps

Professional Grad Supplies
1. Bryunzeel – 2sets Coloured Pencils
2. 2 Shiva Paintsticks – Solid Paint in Stick Form
3. Art 101 Artist’s Suite/157 Pieces
4. 2 Canvases

1. 10 Clay Bricks Assorted Colors
2. 8 Piece Clay Tool Set

And More!
1. Long Loom Set
2. Rubberband Loom Set
3. Prograde Bruynseel Color Pencils Expression Colour
4. Watercolor Pencils Expressions Aquarel
5. Shira Artist’s Paintstick Matte Assort/Solid Pain in Sketch Form
6. Art 101 Artist’s Suite 157 Pieces
7. Radio Flyer Wagon
8. 1 – Step Spray Dye Kit
9. 1 – Step Spray Dye Kit
10. Pat Catan Gift Card
11. 30 Piece Punch Set with Case
12. Embossing Heat Tool
13. And more!

1. Lets Draw! Illustration School
2. Make Your Mark: The Drawing Book for Children
3. Anyone Can Do Paper Craft
4. Simple Scrap Books Magazine
5. Quick & Easy Crafts
6. Crafts & Things
7. 365 Things to Make & Do