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BereArtDay Basket Winners!

23 May

Congratulations to our BereArtDay basket winners.  They are: Cara Arndt, Krystal Haase & Sandy Grizzel.  We thank you for another great Art Walk, and we look forward to seeing you at the Berea Arts Fest on Sunday, September 10th.  Here are the answers to the Downtown Berea quiz.  Let’s see how you did!

Downtown Berea Quiz/Answers

__5__  One of their specialties is named after the symbol that represents the City of Berea.  Grindstone Gold Beer

__1_   It takes two to benefit from their services.  Two eyes

__6_   This is where guys like George and Andrew hang out.

$1 and $20 bills

_10_   Many of their best customers will never walk in through the front door.  They’re too young to walk

__9__  Their food is more filling than some places. Filled crepes

__7__  You have to stop at the scale before you can eat! Yogurt sold by weight

__2_   A featured item can be found on magazine covers.

Supermodel Burrito

__4_   This stimulating business has a second location in Downtown Cleveland. Coffee is stimulating!

__12   In the past you would have paid two bits for this service.   Shave and a haircut, two bits!

__3_   Some people can find their best friend here. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

_11_   They recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary.

_13_   You could purchase an important item for your awards ceremony here. Red carpet

_16_   There’s a lot of tweeting going on but few cell phones in sight.  Cuckoo clocks

_15_   You may weigh less when you leave. You’ll have less hair!

_8__   This business is frequented by “wizards”.  Pinball

_14_   This business is associated with a type of fruit. Apple computers

_11_   A place where you can hone your “craft”.  Craft beer

_7__   Some of their “residents” wear tuxedos but formal wear is not required.  Penguins are part of their décor.


1. Alessio Eye MD
2. Boca Loca Burrito
3. Buchard’s Jewelers
4. Café-Ah-Roma
5. Cornerstone Brewing Company
6. Huntington Bank
7. Igloo’s Frozen Yogurt
8. Kidforce Collectibles
9. La Crepe Bakery & Café
10. Little Aquanauts
11. Mike’s Bar & Grille
12. Parkway Barber and Styling
13. Puchers Decorating Center
14. Quadstar
15. Salon Front & Center
16. Suburban Clock & Repair


BereArtDay is this Saturday!

15 May

2017 BereArtDay Flier 1.jpg

Grab a Friend, It’s time to Volunteer!

26 Jul

It’s time to get your art on and volunteer for the 2016 Berea Art fest.  Click here for a printable volunteer sheet. The Berea Arts Fest would not be possible with out the help and support from people like you.  We thank you for 26 years of support.

2016 BAFvolunteerflier

Featured Artist – Jan Keck

9 Aug

Jan Keck, Homespun Touch Pottery, Painesville, Lake County, Ohio, welcomes you and hopes you enjoy visiting our stoneware pottery. Our functional pottery features leaf and botanical imprints, candle luminaries, cookware, serving dishes, chicken bakers, carvings, dinnerware, bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, and flower arrangers. Our stoneware pottery is made from natural, food safe, nontoxic materials. The clay is wheel thrown. No two pieces are identical, and we believe this variation adds to its character and allure. Items can be used in the oven and microwave (no stove top) and are dishwasher safe. Treat your pottery similarly to glass–no sudden temperature changes. Do not preheat ovens when baking in pottery. It is my wish that the joy from creating each piece carries over to its user.

76 Keck Jan 2

76 Keck Jan 3

76 Keck Jan 4
76 keck jan 1

Attention All Food Connoisseurs

24 May
Food shown may not represent exact food at the event

Food shown may not represent exact food at the event

If the art work hasn’t convinced you to visit our What’s Cooking? Garden Party and Food Fest, then let us share the impressive line up of restaurants that will be on hand. We will have many great appetizers, drinks, and desserts from our local friends at the following restaurants: Berea Union Depot, Treehuggers, Tacquiera Junction, Café Ahroma,  Rosanders, Mulligans’, Bistro Beaujoli, Bucci’s, Cornerstone Brewery, Tony K’s, PerkCup Café , Romeo’s Pizza and more.  To purchase tickets to the What’s Cooking? Garden Party and Food Fest please click here.

Orlando Pottery – Featured Artist

1 Aug

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Orlando Pottery is comprised of the Orlando Family members, Brian, Kelly and Larson. All of our pieces are handmade; absolutely no molds are used. Some of our glazes have been handcrafted.

Brian throws on the wheel and occasionally hand builds. He uses only stoneware clays in a variety of colors and textures. He uses some manufactured glazes, but prefers our own handcrafted glazes.

Kelly does most of the hand building and feels more comfortable creating sculptures through the use of coils, slabs and hand-formed shapes. She works in earth ware and stoneware clays. She uses a combination of glazes, both manufactured and our own special blends. She does the majority of artwork on the pieces, although some of the pieces are decorated by everyone in the family. Kelly has been commissioned to build multiple pieces and has entered juried art shows.

Larson is a fast learner and the future of Orlando Potter. At seven, he can create pieces through pinch, coil and slab methods. He is currently learning how to throw pieces on the wheel.

We appreciate you taking some of your precious time to look at our creations. We would be more than happy to send pictures or referrals and, of course, a phone call is most welcome.