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Featured Artist – Brigitte Matchett

17 Aug

Brigitte Matchette – I have been making jewelry since my teen years. It all started with a rock tumbler that did not work which lead me to learning how to cut and polish stones. The variety of colors and patterns found in stones encompasses the colors of the rainbow and the patterns range from snowflakes in obsidian to bold stripes in banded agate! I also like to use pearls, shell and coral from the sea! Later I experimented with soldiering copper, brass and sterling silver. I really enjoy creating and making filigree jewelry! The best part of making jewelry is learning new techniques and ways to create new items like hand made beads or a new style of earrings. Since I enjoy a challenge, feel free to contact me for custom work!

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Berea Arts Fest is Loved by Artists – Why is Surprising

10 Apr

BAF PostTop 5 reasons why successful artists love the Berea Arts Fest and why you will too.

The Berea Arts Fest is a one-day multimedia arts festival that draws more than 10,000 art enthusiasts to Berea’s historical Triangle on Front St.  Artists, musicians, dancers, and exceptional food set the stage for a great day for every guest and every artist. You may be surprised by the top 5 reasons that artists say keeps them coming back to the Berea Arts Fest:

  1. Hospitality: The Berea Arts Fest is known for providing displaying artists the support they need to help them have a successful day! From a hot cup of coffee, to a snack, or a booth-sitter when they need a break, the Berea Arts Fest is a great host to artists.
  2. Energy: The Berea Arts Fest Takes the word “festival” seriously! Every moment of the day s packed with performances, interactive experiences, music, and more.  Surprises keep guests eager to see and engage artists’ booths.
  3. Location: The Berea Arts Fest continues to refine booth locations and festival layout to maximize traffic and exposure so that every artist is featured.
  4. Feedback: After each Arts Fests, we ask artists for a review as well as their input on how the Fest can be improved. Every year you can see refinements based on artists’ feedback, which make the BAF an artist’s top choice for late summer festivals.
  5. Ease: Artists tell us that the Berea Arts Fest is easy to get to, it’s low cost and they do well in sales.


Apply to the Berea Arts Fest by April 23Click Here!

See you there.

Featured Artist & Demo Artist – James Hovanec

25 Aug

69 Hovanec, James 1

69 Hovanec, James 3

69 Hovanek, James 2

69 Hovanek, James 4Jim Hovanec always had a fascination with blacksmithing. He was well into his forties before he really began to actually forge. Jim began collecting tools of the trade and watching master blacksmiths at their work. This only added fuel to his fire. He began teaching himself by reading books and by trial and error. Jim then attended classes at Log Cabin and joined a group of artist blacksmiths (WRABA), honing his skills through practice and other demonstrations.

Jim grew up and still lives in Berea, Ohio. He named his forge, The Grindstone Forge because Berea was at one time known as the grindstone capitol of the world. Jim is married, his wife sometimes helps by cranking the blower out in the forge or holding some metal as a third hand. She also does the finish work as well as etches or adds glass to some of the art pieces. When Jim and Anne’s two grown daughters were little, they stood steadfast by their daddy’s side as he watched the master blacksmiths at Hale Farm and Coshocton Village.

Jim has been a blacksmith for about 19 years. He has a small shop in his backyard where all the heating and hammering goes on. Jim uses a coal fire pot and hand forges his metal with a hammer, tongs and anvil.

There are many aspects of blacksmithing. A farrier shoes horses. There are other blacksmiths who do utilitarian works (railings, gates, etc.) Today there are the master blacksmiths who do restoration of old ironworks.
Even though Jim does make hooks, pans and utilitarian objects, he fits more in the category of the contemporary renaissance blacksmith, creating artistic and decorative pieces. The majority of his art pieces are made from what he calls found metal. Jim recycles all kinds of metal into sculptures, wall hangings, yard art, jewelry pieces, decorative bowls, nature art and more.

Featured Artist: Dean L. Myton/Ironwood & Vine Studio

16 Jul

77 Myton, Dean 1

77 Myton, Dean 2

$849AvailableGundlach Bundshu wine rack/table

77 Myton, Dean 4

77 Myton, Dean boothIronwood & Vine Studio Is the Creative venture of Dean L. Myton

It is my goal to create functional art from found objects, unique recycled materials, and fabricated steel. Items that reuse what others discard and give them a new life to enhance their environment rather than burden it.

Where possible I use recycled or sustainable materials such as cold steel, cast iron items, recycled wine crates and recycled wood from homes built in the early part of the 20th century. My fabrications are made by using what I see as the beauties in items that other do not. I try to allow the original items to be recognized, yet used in new ways to their original purpose.

My functional art pieces are practical items that hopefully take discarded items from the environment they were in yesterday and enhance the environment they are used in today.