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BereArtDay Basket Winners!

23 May

Congratulations to our BereArtDay basket winners.  They are: Cara Arndt, Krystal Haase & Sandy Grizzel.  We thank you for another great Art Walk, and we look forward to seeing you at the Berea Arts Fest on Sunday, September 10th.  Here are the answers to the Downtown Berea quiz.  Let’s see how you did!

Downtown Berea Quiz/Answers

__5__  One of their specialties is named after the symbol that represents the City of Berea.  Grindstone Gold Beer

__1_   It takes two to benefit from their services.  Two eyes

__6_   This is where guys like George and Andrew hang out.

$1 and $20 bills

_10_   Many of their best customers will never walk in through the front door.  They’re too young to walk

__9__  Their food is more filling than some places. Filled crepes

__7__  You have to stop at the scale before you can eat! Yogurt sold by weight

__2_   A featured item can be found on magazine covers.

Supermodel Burrito

__4_   This stimulating business has a second location in Downtown Cleveland. Coffee is stimulating!

__12   In the past you would have paid two bits for this service.   Shave and a haircut, two bits!

__3_   Some people can find their best friend here. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

_11_   They recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary.

_13_   You could purchase an important item for your awards ceremony here. Red carpet

_16_   There’s a lot of tweeting going on but few cell phones in sight.  Cuckoo clocks

_15_   You may weigh less when you leave. You’ll have less hair!

_8__   This business is frequented by “wizards”.  Pinball

_14_   This business is associated with a type of fruit. Apple computers

_11_   A place where you can hone your “craft”.  Craft beer

_7__   Some of their “residents” wear tuxedos but formal wear is not required.  Penguins are part of their décor.


1. Alessio Eye MD
2. Boca Loca Burrito
3. Buchard’s Jewelers
4. Café-Ah-Roma
5. Cornerstone Brewing Company
6. Huntington Bank
7. Igloo’s Frozen Yogurt
8. Kidforce Collectibles
9. La Crepe Bakery & Café
10. Little Aquanauts
11. Mike’s Bar & Grille
12. Parkway Barber and Styling
13. Puchers Decorating Center
14. Quadstar
15. Salon Front & Center
16. Suburban Clock & Repair

BereArtDay is this Saturday!

15 May

2017 BereArtDay Flier 1.jpg

Berea Arts Fest is Loved by Artists – Why is Surprising

10 Apr

BAF PostTop 5 reasons why successful artists love the Berea Arts Fest and why you will too.

The Berea Arts Fest is a one-day multimedia arts festival that draws more than 10,000 art enthusiasts to Berea’s historical Triangle on Front St.  Artists, musicians, dancers, and exceptional food set the stage for a great day for every guest and every artist. You may be surprised by the top 5 reasons that artists say keeps them coming back to the Berea Arts Fest:

  1. Hospitality: The Berea Arts Fest is known for providing displaying artists the support they need to help them have a successful day! From a hot cup of coffee, to a snack, or a booth-sitter when they need a break, the Berea Arts Fest is a great host to artists.
  2. Energy: The Berea Arts Fest Takes the word “festival” seriously! Every moment of the day s packed with performances, interactive experiences, music, and more.  Surprises keep guests eager to see and engage artists’ booths.
  3. Location: The Berea Arts Fest continues to refine booth locations and festival layout to maximize traffic and exposure so that every artist is featured.
  4. Feedback: After each Arts Fests, we ask artists for a review as well as their input on how the Fest can be improved. Every year you can see refinements based on artists’ feedback, which make the BAF an artist’s top choice for late summer festivals.
  5. Ease: Artists tell us that the Berea Arts Fest is easy to get to, it’s low cost and they do well in sales.


Apply to the Berea Arts Fest by April 23Click Here!

See you there.

Featured Artist – Brett Mason

17 Aug

Brett MasonI am a creator,thinker,father, and seeker of the unknown.  I draw,paint,doodle,humor,strum…I go where inspiration leads while trying to remain grounded to the positive and energizing. This has lead me meandering the beaches of California to the Outer banks of North Carolina selling works of art,on stage in New York’s east village singing songs, and by other means of energy, into the Boston Marathon. I try to set a good example and inspire everyone to do what they love.

I attended Clarion University as an art major with a concentration in oil painting. Following after was a period of pursuing other passions until I discovered watercolors years later. I started working on the spot which opened up a huge door for me in terms of inspiration and therefore productivity. I let my subconscious guide so much of what I do. So often I start something with enough vigor, that I barely get paint on my palette before work begins. The best things always seem to happen when there’s that kind of connection. When the focus is right I aim for something more detailed. Other times I let things happen on their own and try to stop at that sweet spot of almost desperate minimalism. I live in Pittsburgh with my wife, our three boys, and Buzz, our dog.  

Bereartday Passport Winners!

3 Jun


Congratulations to Alecia Shutovich, Connie Rupprecht, and Debra Giuliani.  They each won a basket from our passport drawing at the Bereaartday.  Below is a list of the contents of each basket!  Way to go! And thank you to all of our guests for visiting the 2016 Bereartday.

Basket 1

Café-Ah Roma –  coffee gift cards

Parkway Barber & Styling – premium men’s hair product kit; free haircuts

Buchard’s Jewelers – gift card

Salon Front & Center  – makeup certificate

Kidforce Collectibles – gift card

Mike’s Bar & Grille – gift card

Book Store & Handmade Marketplace – gift card, mug chocolate, Berea book, bracelet

Huntington Bank – pack of pens


Basket 2

Café-ah-Roma  – coffee gift cards

Salon Front & Center – shampoo & blowout certificate

Crystal Earth Magic – free 60 minute session

Barbers Den and Shave Shop – premium men’s hair products + free cut

Mountain Road Cycles – gift card

Suburban Clock & Repair – gift certificate

Cornerstone Brewing Company – gift certificate

Huntington Bank – pack of pens


Basket 3

Boca Loca Burritto – gift card

Café-ah-Roma – coffee gift cards

Pucher’s Decorating Center – certificate for 2 gallons ceiling paint

Salon Front & Center – certificate for brow shaping

LUNA – mug, koozie, gift certificate

Riverside Gables B&B – 50% off one nights stay

Barbers Den and Shave Shop – premium men’s hair products + free cut

Igloos Frozen Yogurt – gift card

Huntington Bank – pack of pens

Featured Artist – Don Woods

14 Aug

76 Woods, Donald 1

76 Woods, Donald 2

76 Woods, Donald 3

76 Woods, Donald 4Don Woods – I grew up in Akron and always loved to draw. In high school I received a number of art awards, including a gold medal at the National Scholastic Art Awards in New York City for a watercolor painting. I was also a very proficient violinist, and when it was time for college, I was torn between art and music.

After one quarter in music at Akron University, I switched to art and never looked back. During college I sold quite a few paintings at local art fairs and shops in the Akron area. After graduation in 1979 (B.F.A, Painting), I went to work in another field (as many fine arts majors do) with the intent of continuing my art career on the side.

Unfortunately, it seemed like my jobs consumed most of my time, and I painted very little, or not at all. In my early 40’s I had an epiphany. I felt like I was doing very little to fulfill the potential I had in my youth. After working in sales and management for over twenty years, I returned to college and received my teaching license in art.

I did my student teaching in Lorain and was hired by the district in 2002. I also began playing the violin publically again and slowly resumed painting. As I began painting again, I struggled with subject matter for my paintings. I was not sure what I wanted to paint, or what I was trying to say. As a way to start the process, I began to paint small pictures of birds (a favorite subject of mine when I was young). The more I painted, the more excited I became, and the paintings grew larger and more complex.

Now I generally concentrate on bird paintings, many of the subjects coming from the bird feeders in my own backyard. In my current work I try to show the beauty and wonder of God’s creations. The school district I work for has been in severe financial trouble for some time. This past year they decided to eliminate art and music in most of the schools. I, and a number of my colleagues, were laid off at the end of last year. I had to face the fact that there is a good chance that I will never be called back.

Since that time it seems that I have made a complete circle in my career. I am now painting full time and exploring opportunities to market my artwork. In November I had a successful solo art show at my church, selling 34 paintings in one weekend. I have also sold a number of paintings on my website. I feel fortunate to have this second chance at this point in my life. I am going to work hard and continue to pursue my dream of becoming a professional artist.

Featured Artist – Nancy Notarianni

28 Aug

67 Notarianni Nancy 1

67 Notarianni Nancy 2

67 Notarianni Nancy 3

67 Notarianni Nancy 4Nancy Notarianni is a watercolorist, graphic designer and watercolor painting instructor living in the Middleburg Heights/Berea, Ohio area. Her decades of experience in graphic design are rooted in a BFA in advertising & fashion illustration from the University of Kansas. She enjoys teaching watercolor in Middleburg Heights at the Community Center and in Independence, Ohio – for the Independence Art Guild. Nancy has also been invited to many of the Cuyahoga County, Ohio branch libraries (Parma South, Bedford, Olmsted Falls, Mayfield to name a few) to give watercolor programs.

One of Nancy’s paintings has been accepted into the

2013 Ohio Watercolor Society Annual Show.

She has exhibited in many juried shows throughout Northeast Ohio. Nancy is also serves as newsletter editor for the Ohio Watercolor Society. In 2009 and in 2012, Nancy attended painting workshops with Charles Reid,

one of the foremost watercolorists of today.

Nancy describes her affinity to watercolor by saying that it is her “…favorite medium because of the transparent quality and the unpredictability of the combination of water and paint.”

Currently, she is art director and web administrator for City Visitor Communications. She handles ad design, layout and production of all quarterly and annual publications that entice visitors to Northeast Ohio, Charlotte, NC and Richmond, Virginia. As web administrator for City Visitor, she maintains cityvisitor.com, carolinavisitor.com and virginiavisitor.info websites.