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Featured Artist – Marie McGlathery

4 Aug

Paper Planet Wearables/Marie McGlathery – I cherish the opportunity to express and share myself as an artist and have always loved jewelry; however, I felt that there just was not enough affordable hand-made jewelry out there. My definition of “hand-made jewelry” is that which is created mostly or entirely from elements that are created by the hands of the artist such as glass beads, clay beads, or in my case, PAPER BEADS! Making jewelry out of paper allows me to recycle and keep my prices low so that everyone can enjoy multiple pieces from Paper Planet! My jewelry is made from recycled paper beads which are hand-rolled from various sources of paper including but not limited to: junk mail, abandoned posters, flyers, magazine pages, postcards, scrapbook paper scraps and yes…even cardboard cup warmers. After their transformation, my beads are sealed with two coats of acrylic. This creates a water-resistant shell and increases the longevity of each piece. After the acrylic processing, the recycled paper beads are combined with various types of accent beads and pendants to create the Paper Planet Wearables jewelry collection. I take great pride in my work and see each necklace, bracelet, and pair of earrings as having its own unique personality. A piece from Paper Planet Wearables can make the perfect eco-friendly accent to any outfit and is sure to elicit comments from friends, family, coworkers, your dental hygienist, or even friendly strangers passing by. My jewelry also makes wonderfully unique gifts!

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Featured Artist: Dean L. Myton/Ironwood & Vine Studio

16 Jul

77 Myton, Dean 1

77 Myton, Dean 2

$849AvailableGundlach Bundshu wine rack/table

77 Myton, Dean 4

77 Myton, Dean boothIronwood & Vine Studio Is the Creative venture of Dean L. Myton

It is my goal to create functional art from found objects, unique recycled materials, and fabricated steel. Items that reuse what others discard and give them a new life to enhance their environment rather than burden it.

Where possible I use recycled or sustainable materials such as cold steel, cast iron items, recycled wine crates and recycled wood from homes built in the early part of the 20th century. My fabrications are made by using what I see as the beauties in items that other do not. I try to allow the original items to be recognized, yet used in new ways to their original purpose.

My functional art pieces are practical items that hopefully take discarded items from the environment they were in yesterday and enhance the environment they are used in today.

Margaret Bakke – Featured Artist

23 Aug

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Margaret Bakke  –  Many of these are blank journals.  Others are made using interesting recycled materials.  And there are a few art books thrown in there for good measure.  Enjoy!