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Featured Artist – Brigitte Matchett

17 Aug

Brigitte Matchette – I have been making jewelry since my teen years. It all started with a rock tumbler that did not work which lead me to learning how to cut and polish stones. The variety of colors and patterns found in stones encompasses the colors of the rainbow and the patterns range from snowflakes in obsidian to bold stripes in banded agate! I also like to use pearls, shell and coral from the sea! Later I experimented with soldiering copper, brass and sterling silver. I really enjoy creating and making filigree jewelry! The best part of making jewelry is learning new techniques and ways to create new items like hand made beads or a new style of earrings. Since I enjoy a challenge, feel free to contact me for custom work!

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Featured Artist – Colleen Croniger

26 Jul

When I am not making jewelry, I work at Case Western Reserve University as a teacher and scientist. I have found that the creative process  to make a unique piece of jewelry is the same creative process used in research.

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