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This Ones for the Kids – Kids Kreation Station Projects

5 Aug


Every year the Berea Arts Fest hosts a handful of projects for the little ones.  Here are the projects for the 25th annual Berea Arts Fest!  Stop out for a make and take project complimentary of the B.A.F.

Project 1:
Kaleidoscopes – ages 8 and up (younger with help). Make your own kaleidoscope with a cardboard tube, mirror paper and some plastic gems.

Project 2:
Maracas – ages 3 and up.
With a couple of spoons and a plastic egg, you can create your own maracas and join in on the celebration of the 25th Berea Arts Fest.

Project 3:
Tambourines ages 5 and up (younger with help)
Two paper plates and a handful of jingle bells gives you a tambourine to help you keep the beat. Add some glitter and your own style and you have a one of a kind music maker!

Project 4:
Sparkling lanterns ages 8 and up (younger with help)
Make your own hanging lantern with a plastic jar, a battery-powered tea light and your imagination.