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Featured Artist – Valerie Lesiak

4 Aug

Valerie Lesiak“Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to draw.

Being told that there were no jobs where one could draw,

she attended Baldwin-Wallace to become an art teacher.


Upon graduation, she found there were no art teaching jobs

around where she lived, so she applied for a position at

American Greetings where she got hired by an ex-teacher. It was

there her adventure in greeting card world began in art and design.


She worked with many talented people including Tom Wilson,

the creator fo Ziggy, as well as worked on many creative projects

including Care Bears. From conventional to cute and humorous

designing, greeting cards filled her world for 39 years.


Then she retired and a new journey began.”


Featured Artist – Valerie Lesiak

28 Aug

13 Lesiak, Val 1 13 Lesiak, Val 2 13 Lesiak, Val 3 13 Lesiak, Val 4Valerie Lesiak – As a designer she has worked for over 35 years at American Greetings designer for multiple markets including both children and adult markets. Val has worked on various projects including the initiation of Care Bears and working on Ziggy product with the late Tom Wilson.

Val works with her husband as art director for yourpreciousportraits.com as well as her own work featured here on Picture Book Studio. She continues to illustrate for clients on a select basis.

Featured Artist – Valerie Lesiak and Picture Book Studio

23 Jun

10 Lesiak, Valerie 210 Lesiak, Valerie 3Valerie Lesiak -I am a designer and illustrator with many years of experience designing in the social expression industry. I have always loved designing and experimenting in all kinds of media my whole life. When not designing my own work, I work with my husband, illustrator and photographer Norman Drake as co owner of YOURPRECIOUSPORTRAITS.COM. I would enjoy hearing from you. 10 Lesiak, Valerie 1